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What You Need for a Successful Onboarding Process

Client onboarding is the process of welcoming new clients into your business, addressing their questions and concerns, and ensuring they understand all of the services available to them. It really is just a continuation of the conversation they have already been having with you during the nurturing or referral processes.

One of the biggest mistakes some financial advisors make is to assume that the onboarding process is part of their typical customer service functions or that it is just filling out some paperwork and you are on your way. This can lead to confused and frustrated clients – that won’t be clients for long.

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What You Should Know Before Using Stock Images

Pretty pictures could cost you a pretty penny Stock photos are a great way to enhance your firm’s brand, but beware before you just copy and paste whatever picture grabs your attention from Google images – it could cost you! We live in a visual world – motivated and...

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Three Places to Get Your Content Published

Submitting articles to other outlets is an important step of your content marketing strategy that should not be left unexplored. This allows you to reach an audience that you may not currently have connections with.

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