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How to Create a Successful Lead-Generation Process

In my previous article in this series on funnels for financial advisors, I talked about what is a lead and why they are important. Now you need the actionable steps to start gathering the information you need. There are two primary ways to get leads. One is through...

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Where, Oh Where is my Calling List?

A lead is a person who has shown interest in your company in some way. It is a “potential sale.” They may come from website visitors, social media, or blogs. Based on their interaction with you (or your content) they are slightly interested in what you have to say. But how do you know if someone is actually a lead or just a visitor?

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Marketing Funnels for Financial Advisors

Marketing funnels describe how potential customers move from looking to buying. Advisors can and should use that concept. In this multi-part series, I will explain how advisors can gain more control over the funneling process. In this first part, I will define a funnel and why it is essential to your marketing strategy.

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My Favorite Podcasts

Here is a list of some of the podcasts I enjoy in my not so ample free time. I tend to listen to these as part of my morning routine, driving, or part of my evening routine. It also helps the time go by faster when I am doing dreaded chores around the house like...

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Meet Crystal

Crystal Lee Butler, MBA
Crystal Lee Butler, MBA is a creative marketer and results-oriented business consultant with over a decade of experience collaborating with independent advisors. At Crystal Marketing Solutions, she delivers exceptional insights for financial professionals enabling them to create a consistent marketing presence so they can focus on the things that matter most to them.

A Peek Inside the Process to Updating a Financial Adviser’s Website

A financial adviser’s website serves as a tool to build trust and create relationships with clients and potential clients. Very rarely will a first time visitor turn into a client right away. They are going to use your website to find out more about you, what doing business with you is like, and to form an opinion about you and your services – before even meeting you.

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Three Steps to Building Your Content

Writing holds enormous potential for financial advisors. The key is to create a continuous stream of valuable information for their clients, prospects and anyone else that may land on the post. How can you transition the use of your content marketing to drive traffic, establish yourself as an expert and ultimately grow your business?

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How to Brand Yourself as an Expert

Content is the foundation on which online marketing is based. Whether it is a social media post or a blog article, it reaches out to people and positions you and your brand as an industry expert.

According to a study by KISSmetrics, 96% of website visitors are just researching and don’t want to be contacted or begin a relationship. Website visitors come to learn, not to be “salesmanned.” They seek value, not an advertising message.

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Four Marketing Metrics You Should Track

Almost all financial advisors know the importance of client satisfaction. It’s a way of gauging what they are doing right and where they could use improvement when it comes to managing their firm. Most of them, however, have not thought about tracking other important data such as performance and marketing metrics.

Tracking this type of information can give a clearer picture of how a firm is doing not only with their business, but also with their marketing efforts.

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Seven Steps to Create a Great Tagline

Great taglines stick in your mind and will forever be associated with the company it represents. A tagline tells potential clients something about you, your advisory firm and how you help people. It needs to be memorable and set the tone for your business. It may help some clients choose between you and another advisor and establish brand awareness.

How do you create the perfect tagline? Here are seven steps and guidelines that will get you head

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Thoughts on Naming Your Practice

Your business name is your firm’s first impression to the public and potential clients. Choosing a name is a critically important decision and choosing a good one drives revenue. Choosing a confusing name or one that is hard to understand will lead to spending as much time explaining your company name as in finding new clients.

A business name made up of your family name and the industry you work in can be just as effective as any other. For example, if your name is John Smith and you want to start a financial advisory firm, then calling your company “John Smith Financial” can be extremely effective.

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