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What You Should Know Before Using Stock Images

Pretty pictures could cost you a pretty penny Stock photos are a great way to enhance your firm’s brand, but beware before you just copy and paste whatever picture grabs your attention from Google images – it could cost you! We live in a visual world – motivated and...

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Blind Courtesy Copying 101

As a financial advisor you have certain groups of people that receive keys pieces of information from you on a regular basis. Have you ever stopped to see if the recipients of your email can see everyone else’s personal information?

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Meet Crystal

Crystal Lee Butler, MBA
Crystal Lee Butler, MBA is a creative marketer and results-oriented business consultant with over a decade of experience collaborating with independent advisors. At Crystal Marketing Solutions, she delivers exceptional insights for financial professionals enabling them to create a consistent marketing presence so they can focus on the things that matter most to them.

What is Lead Nurturing?

Lead nurturing part encompasses the know, like, and trust process that I have talked about in the past and it is an essential step in getting someone from just looking around your website to actually becoming a client. People want to do business with people they are comfortable with. You have to nurture those leads.

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Where, Oh Where is my Calling List?

A lead is a person who has shown interest in your company in some way. It is a “potential sale.” They may come from website visitors, social media, or blogs. Based on their interaction with you (or your content) they are slightly interested in what you have to say. But how do you know if someone is actually a lead or just a visitor?

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Marketing Funnels for Financial Advisors

Marketing funnels describe how potential customers move from looking to buying. Advisors can and should use that concept. In this multi-part series, I will explain how advisors can gain more control over the funneling process. In this first part, I will define a funnel and why it is essential to your marketing strategy.

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