Personalized coaching to boost your marketing efforts.

Do you need direction?

Marketing Consulting Sessions are created for those who:

  • Have a specific marketing topic or problem that you know needs professional insight.
  • Want to step up your marketing, but you aren’t sure how to take it to the next level.
  • Know that effective marketing will help attract the types of clients you want to work with, but aren’t sure if you are ready for a full-service commitment.
  • Are ready to invest time into building your business.
Set Your Discovery MeetingMeet Crystal
Crystal Lee Butler, MBA

Hi, I’m Crystal!

After successfully working as an in-house marketing professional in the financial industry for over a decade, I have taken my experience and exceptional marketing insights and made them available to an exclusive group of business owners who need assistance with their marketing efforts.

You will meet directly with me, Crystal Lee Butler, the owner of Crystal Marketing Solutions, LLC (CMS). My expertise is focused, dedicated, and innovative. I am not confined to traditional marketing methods and utilize the most current marketing trends and technology to help improve your marketing efficiency and success. I have over a decade of experience and a proven track record increasing revenues for clients.

Because of my experience, I have intimate knowledge of the unique marketing needs:

  • Best practices used by small businesses, financial advisers, and firms
  • Various tools & resources that have proven successful for other marketing initiatives
  • Financial adviser compliance guidelines

I offer various package options that allow you to choose the one/s that fits your business needs.

I know this is a big decision

Investing in any part of your firm is an important decision to make and I understand that. That’s why I am here and happy to answer every question you may have.

What can we talk about?
  • Defining and reaching your niche
  • Telling your story
  • Goal setting
  • Changing the face of your business
  • Getting the most out of social media
  • How to best capture website leads
  • Optimizing for a mobile world
  • Using technology to your advantage
  • Recommended marketing software and providers to add or replace existing
  • Optimizing the client experience
What do you need to get started?

My client onboarding process begins with a discovery meeting. This is where we will discuss your firm, marketing goals, and get to know each other. Following the meeting, I will send you a proposal will include the overall situation, solutions, and services recommended.

Once a proposal is accepted, I will take the information obtained from my onboarding process and prepare a personalized session just for you. During our consulting session, I will talk about your business, marketing ideas to help your financial firm, leading industry information, and personalized advice. If desired, I can even help you sort through a specific problem that you are having with your current marketing strategy.

How do I know I am ready?

If you keep hitting the same roadblocks when it comes to your marketing but you are not sure why. If you are doing okay with your marketing efforts but just want to flush out some of your ideas with a marketing professional. If you could you just a little help figuring out the right technology you should be using or how to maximize your digital efforts. These are all excellent indicators that you are ready for a Marketing Consult or a Marketing Action Plan.

What is your availability?

Currently, I have no limits on the number of consulting clients I accept. Typically, these sessions are held on Monday afternoons (EST). If special circumstances occur you can contact me to see if I have other available times.

Have Questions?

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free email me.